Iliya Fonlamov Francisković is a figurative painter originally from Niš, Serbia. Born in 1996, it soon became apparent that he had inherited incredible talent. Although he has never received a formal art education, he was greatly influenced by his grandfather’s amateur drawings. His childhood was filled with episodes in which his grandfather drew for him, while he was observing. Iliya's talent was quickly recognized by the Serbian media, addressing him “prodigy”. For several years, Fonlamov Francisković focused his work on the drawing development, predominantly  using charcoal and ink.The greatest challenge was to learn to work in a painterly manner. After a somewhat hesitant start, his style is gradually loosened to arrive at a freer and more expressive style. In 2017, he organized an exhibition “Milenium” in honor of the statehood of the Republic of Montenegro. The exhibition was a large collection of processing archival depictions of historical figures, many of whom were of very poor quality in the original. Landscapes and architectural heritage of the Republic of Montenegro were also part of the exhibition. The exhibition attracted a significant media attention both in Montenegro and Serbia. Fonlamov Francisković finds his inspiration in people, tradition and history. His paintings are part of private and public collections in Serbia and abroad. Media recognize him as the most prominent painter of the new generation in Serbia and region. Fonlamov Francisković is the laureate of several awards in the field of education and art. In addition to painting, he is engaged in humanitarian work, and occupied with writing. Fonlamov Francisković resides in Shanghai, China.